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Many a Facebook conversation or political motivated discussion abruptly end with the insult: “Your so ignorant” often times followed by a correction of “you’re*” as a counter-insult. 

No one has persuaded the opposing idea let alone won the argument. It just ended with even more divisiveness. 

The reality is in many aspects of our lives were are ignorant. We may think we have a grasp of a subject, genre or ideology but have merely scratched the surface; and that is okay. It is okay not to know and therefore we ask questions that may come off as ignorant to some.

However, one should never result to putting anyone down for asking a question, no matter how stupid or ignorant. Whether or not the question is out of spite or rhetorical is another topic; but that is usually clear based on context and intent. 

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1st Scenario:

I walked through Avenida La Playa in downtown Medellín after a brief equatorial downpour.

Downtown’s bearable cacophony came to a stop with the melodic rhythms of his guitar.

I stopped to listen because there was no such thing as rushing to be somewhere; this was Medellín’s pace.

After several pentatonic riffs he stopped to shake my hand while striking up a conversation with me, a foreigner filled with appreciation.

I threw several pesos into his guitar case as a thank-you for his positive contribution to the city’s ambiance.

He thanked me for my financial contribution and excitedly explained that he had a show coming up in a venue in Sabaneta just south of Medellín.

“It would be an honor if you could attend. It’s a really cool venue and the other musicians playing are going to blow you away!” he said with charming enthusiasm.

He handed me a flier with all of the event’s information.

I cleared my schedule for the night of the show and invited my friends to join me for good music and drinks.

We paid the cover to get into the venue, had a few drinks and met with the guitarist after his set for a great conversation.

It was a great night and I’ve been contributing to the guitarist’s work regularly ever since.

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turkish_keyboard I advocate dialogue, encouragement and learning from other’s knowledge, praises and disagreements but not in the way of faceless comments and constant battle-cries for self-promotion. Instead, shoot me an e-mail, meet me in person or connect with me via social media and let it all out!

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