About the website

About the website


I developed amanofnonation.com as my personal brand based on a life without arbitrary borders (figurative, literal & political).

I focus on the translation & publishing (print & electronic) of works from writers around the globe.


Current projects include translating works by aspiring Colombian authors and finding authors here at home looking to expand their audience in Spanish speaking Latin America.


I wanted the website itself to be simple, easy to navigate and hopefully reciprocate value. I am relatively new to maintaining a  website and design but have learned immensely without ‘formal’ education.


The blog, aside from events, publications and my whereabouts, is a platform to better myself, overcome difficulties and learn to be an exemplary member of a global society. Learn from my [many] mistakes and triumphs.


A Colombian expression absolutely holds true in my day to day life:


Es mejor tener amigos que plata / It’s better to have friends than money


That is where networking comes into play. I’m in search for those passionate about

  • language learning
  • modern bipedal migratory patterns (human travel)
  • the outdoor industry (climbing/skiing/mountaineering/paddling)
  • publishing/translations

I’m interested in this leading towards collaboration.

If you feel there is a FAQ that I should include please click here for Contact Page.